Thankfully, the old rules for wearing velvet no longer apply! Velvet has historically been of the most luxurious fabrics available, worn for more elegant occasions, with most of the silhouettes being quite formal. Traditionally, the fabric has lent itself better to darker and richer color tones, limiting it’s potential for wear during the daytime or during warmer periods. Approaching Fall, I have been excited to find velvet pieces that appear to break all of those rules! These new items are bold, modern, and seasonally versatile – perfect for ‘wear now’ as well as the transitional time period into Fall. I am loving the softer jewel tones available and all the feminine touches like oversize bows, exaggerated pleats, wide legs, and high rises. These colors and details keep things more casual, affording you the right to wear your velvet finds on so many more warmer weather occasions! When the weather does finally cool, you can simply layer underneath with high socks or tights, or over top with your favorite tonal or neutral outerwear pieces.

velvet atlantic pacific

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With new Fall forward arrivals rolling in (despite it being scorching hot out) I thought I would highlight some early frontrunners. I always look forward to layering and bundling, and this season is no different. While I am not ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet, I am eagerly waiting for those transitional days that lead to Fall, and the opportunities they afford for wearing and styling new wardrobe pieces. Below are my current favorite sweaters, coats and bottoms for Fall.

Fall forward sweaters

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Fall forward coats

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Fall forward pants

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With high Summer in full swing, I am feeling for full length floral dresses (as seen in my most recent outfit post). The combination of the full length with the floral pattern is both easy and elegant, creating the perfect union for looking put together for nearly any occasion in late Summer. This season, I am noticing many more dark floral pieces that are equally great for the end of Summer and for transitioning into Fall. The dark base allows for accessorizing with black or brown footwear, and the bright floral pops can perfectly pair back to a colorful statement coat! I am also seeing incredible feminine touches in these dresses (in addition to the amazing floral patterns) that include playful strap back ties, ruffled hems, and lace-trimmed bodice detailing. These elegant details are beautiful to show off when the weather is warm, but just as easy to cover up once the temperatures begin to cool down. Full length florals aren’t limited to just dresses – you can try a skirt, or even a jumpsuit (like this one I purchased in Summer but wore in the Fall of last year). Highlighting eight of my favorite full length finds below. Hope you are feeling for floral as much as I am!

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