From January of last year – wearing red, navy, and white and mixing plaid with stripes in Cartagena. These sneakers are so comfortable and continue to be a year-round go-to in my closet. Cartagena ended up being one of my favorite trips of 2017!

Question: Being that fashion blogging requires you to always have fresh content,
do you feel pressure to constantly buy new pieces?

Answer: I do feel the pressure at times to feature brand new product, particularly when new seasons begin and fresh product hits stores. But, I really try to keep myself in check. My hope is that people visit Atlantic-Pacific for styling inspiration, or think about how to wear clothes differently, or to learn about new brands or trends, not simply just to shop the looks. I try to incorporate many of my favorite items again and again, hopefully encouraging someone to re-wear an item they have in a new and unique way. As I get older I do feel much more strongly about buying fewer, nicer pieces. So, I do still feel the pressure (and many times am compensated) to wear what is new, but everything is a balance.


This bold stripes sweater caught my eye this week. A totally different take on red, white, and blue in comparison to the Cartagena throwback image above. I am crushing on large stripes lately and I love the drop shoulder oversized fit.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

  • Mahiya Noor Mahomed

    Hi Blair!

    You are my ultimate style inspiration. The creativity in which your clothes are put together never ceases to impress…who is your style icon?

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