Since beginning the Notepad series (and frankly since starting Atlantic-Pacific) I have received quite a few questions concerning the following: how/why I started Atlantic-Pacific, my advice on blogging, what is merchandising, and how I got my start in the corporate fashion world. Instead of continuing to provide small sound bites here and there on these questions, I have decided that this week I will be answering each in depth. Today, I am kicking it off with how and why I started Atlantic-Pacific, as well as all the changes in blogging I have witnessed over the past eight years.

The story of Atlantic-Pacific began way back in April of 2010. I was working at Gap corporate (more on that later this week) in San Francisco, and began to notice how street style photographers and fashion bloggers were influencing our design teams, the editorial direction for the season, and overall, sparking conversation about where fashion/style was headed. I was absolutely fascinated with how these fashionable people on the street – and those sitting behind their computers – were helping to shape the decisions that multi billion dollar creative organizations were making. I also recognized a clear shift in the industry – brands were beginning to feel disconnected from their consumers and were hoping to operate on a more personal level. The idea that consumers were starting to look more and more to bloggers and ‘real people’ for advice, styling, and product recommendations, only furthered my curiosity. I wanted to be a part of that, and just weeks later, I started Atlantic-Pacific. I began by simply documenting my outfits each day before or after work (yes, I actually wore these outfits to work) with basic outfit shots taken on a point and shoot camera. The locations were anywhere that was most convenient – on my roof, right outside my apartment building, or in and around the parking garage at work (LOTS of parking garage photos).

Of note: I named the blog Atlantic-Pacific as a nod to my east coast meets west coast style (I grew up on the east coast, but was currently living in San Francisco). To my DISMAY AtlanticPacific was taken on blogspot. I then decided I would name it ‘Pacific Passion’ (I actually cannot believe that was my second and not 1,543rd choice) and one of my best friends flat out refused to let me (I love you Veronique). She then went online and mentioned that Atlantic-Pacific was available, and that please for the love, just add the dash.

At this time, Twitter was still relatively new, Instagram was not yet in existence, and fashion blogging certainly wasn’t considered a business. I loved taking photos of all my looks, and with the intention of building my own fashion portfolio, I thought could eventually use them to further my career in merchandising (at the time I was working on Men’s product). From day one, I had a clear vision that fashion would be my singular focus and that I didn’t want to display too much of my personal life or try to become everything to everyone. As my audience grew through platforms like Lookbook.nu and Chictopia (younger people reading this probably have no idea what those sites even are), I was able to start connecting and forming a network within the blogging world that was positive, supportive, and above all curious. I blogged for a full year before the landscape truly began to change. The business of blogging had been born.

2011 was a huge turning point for me personally, but also in the world of blogging. Social media was on the rise, more blogs were popping up each day, and brands were just beginning to engage with bloggers on gifting, events, and paid partnerships. One of the first companies to reach out to me on a larger business opportunity was rewardStyle (whom I still work with today). Amber Venz was just starting her company, creating a way for bloggers to understand and utilize affiliate linking to their advantage, and effectively monetizing readers purchases from their site through links. This would be the beginning of many emails and calls to begin formally partnering with brands and the wild, wild west of blogging as a business began. Around this time I also began to take my blog and the appearance more seriously, recoding the site for a cleaner look, investing in a DSLR camera (with my bonus from Gap that year), and beginning to watch youtube videos on photography and editing. Social media also became increasingly more important. While I never wavered from continuing to produce content for my own site, I began to tackle the ins and outs of Twitter, Instagram (which had just launched), and Pinterest, while also taking on a new and more demanding role at work.

Come the beginning of 2012, Andrew (my now fiancé) and I made the decision to move back east, and just like that in Spring of 2012, we were packed up and to headed to NYC. Luckily, I was in the place of being able to decide between blogging full-time or continuing to pursue a merchandising career. Ultimately, my heart was still in merchandising, and I began working at Tory Burch. Both 2012 and 2013 proved to be the most difficult years of my blogging journey. My career at Tory Burch was my first focus, but as the industry changed and expanded, blogging opportunities and demands began to grow and grow! Amidst all of this, I was also trying to network and make friends in a new city. While tough to juggle at times, 2012 also brought some incredible moments, including my first true product collaboration – I created a line with BaubleBar!

2013 brought even more change as I moved to the Accessories team at Tory and was promoted to a Director position. I. Also. Finally. Got. A. Passport. Within weeks I began traveling internationally, ending up in Hong Kong, Paris and London. I had been bitten by the travel bug and couldn’t wait to see more of the world. 2013 brought consistent blogging partnerships and opportunities (I got to style my first look book campaign – for TARGET!). In addition to continuing to push my self creatively, and with help from those closest to me, I began focusing on how to run the blog as more of a streamlined business. I value both the art and science of business, and I equally enjoy the aesthetic and creative side of the site as I do the business and financial end. While many influencers were looking to agencies and managers for support and management services, I made the conscious decision to remain independent. I had already established a vast and supportive network in the fashion and retail community, and knowing that I didn’t want to stray far from that point of view on the blog, I believed that I could connect directly with brand partners.

Of note: While I am not represented by an agency or manager, or have a large full-time team, that does not mean this is a one woman show. AT. ALL. This blog would not be where it is without the help of business partners, travel partners, countless incredible photographers, graphic designers (AKA my brother), insanely cool brand partners (some who have become like family), and all those I love who provide moral support and can pick me up when I am at my lowest. And of course, Andrew who has been with me from the beginning of Atlantic-Pacific, and is such an important partner in this company.

Also of note: I absolutely need to mention that in 2013 I purchased my first true full midi skirt – and the obsession continues to this day (photographic evidence below).

2014 and 2015 brought more and more travel, from Shanghai to Milan to Tokyo to Seoul to Puerto Rico to Hong Kong and more. So many fun and rewarding partnership with brands I admire like Kate Spade, Saks, Gucci, Nordstrom, Topshop, Omega, David Yurman, and more. I was feeling more settled at work as well as in NYC, and really enjoyed taking on more and more projects with Atlantic-Pacific.

Social media growth, travel, and expanding content were the hot topics for most people in the space in 2016. With fashion still remaining my number one focus, I did re-think new and exciting content I could bring to the table with valued partners. I made the decision to take on more lifestyle partners who were specifically looking to produce content and campaigns through a fashion lens. I created a few incredible destination videos (with a lot of help) with Fairmont, traveled as an ambassador for Veuve Clicquot, and took an epic road trip with Range Rover. I also explored more product opportunities and created a limited edition nail polish line with Sephora – a total dream come true! On the technology front I relaunched Atlantic-Pacific (finally – BYE blogspot #iamsobehindsometimes) and created new sections of the site in order to strategically share more differentiated content. At the end of 2016, I also took a step back from Tory Burch and transitioned into a consulting role. I had gotten to a critical point juggling both of my careers, and knew that I could only give one my undivided attention.

In 2017, I felt a huge shift in the type of content being created online. More of-the-moment content and personal sharing were becoming the norm (I oftentimes love this from others and can eat it up, but sadly it just isn’t me). Snapchat, Instagram stories, and the rise in phone photography, have all given influencers constant connection to their audiences. I struggled a bit with remaining private, and wanting to keep a narrow focus on fashion, as so many others in the space seemed to be abandoning everything to chase the new. 2017 was a large reflection year for me, and I really had to think about wether I wanted to simply follow the trends in social, share more of my personal life, or stick to the type of content I that loved creating – beautiful and well styled imagery and fashion editorial content.

Entering into 2018, I have decided to open up a bit more here and there, but only on relevant fashion/style content and subjects. I have also made the decision to share a bit more around my day-to-day while traveling for Atlantic-Pacific (my everyday life would certainly bore you to tears).

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following Atlantic-Pacific! Hopefully, this brief gives you a bit of insight into the path that I have taken. If you have ay other questions feel free to ask away in the comments and I will do the best I can to answer everything directly, in comments, or in the Notepad section. As mentioned, I will also be discussing my career in merchandising and more general blogging advice, so if you have questions on those topics feel free to ask away.

You can also see Atlantic-Pacific visual recaps for each year (except 2010, probably a blessing I didn’t make one) here: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


  • Heather Pool

    Thank you so much for sharing! I have been a reader of your blog since the beginning. I always wondered why you held on tight to blogspot for so long. Lol! Glad you decided to go in the direction of blogging vs merchandising. You are one of the few fashion bloggers who I truly feel inspired by. You always have a fresh and fun view point. Congratulations on a successful blogging career. May your success continue.


    • Blair

      Thank you so much for following along Heather! I still toy with the idea of going back into merchandising, but for now I am so happy focusing on Atlantic-Pacific and pushing myself to do more with the site and beyond!
      XO BEE

  • Nana

    Thank you for sharing. I’m thinking about starting a blog myself and this helps.

    • Blair

      Of course! I am also going to share some more specific insight on starting a blog later this week- so stay tuned.
      XO BEE

      • Ashley

        So so excited for this!!!

  • Kathrina

    iiii absolutely loved reading through this! I have been following you since your SF days (can still visually remember the first post I saw of yours!) and have fully enjoyed watching you and your site grow. Always wanted to know more about you and tried to read up on you as much as you gave out but in the end I truly love that you keep it more fashion focused. Your vision for your site is straight forward and I just want to say how refreshing that is. You have been inspiring to me more than just how to layer 😉

    • Blair

      Thank you for following along for SO long. It is funny, I always feel as though I ran the blog for YEARS and YEARS from San Francisco, but looking back it is crazy how over 6 of the years have been from NYC. SF will always have such a special place in my heart and it is where I really learned to layer 😉 Thank you for the kind words and continuing to support.
      XO BEE

  • Jacqueline

    Great post. I’ve followed you for years and will admit for a while there I thought your looks were getting a bit gimmicky and overboard on the sponsored posts. I guess I just missed the old SF and DC (I’m a DC girl) pics and fashion. But then I realized, you’re evolving. I understand it’s how Bloggers make their money. Thanks for opening up and allowing us in. I totally respect and applaud your ability to keep work work and personal personal. It’s a slippery slope, but you’ve navigated quite well.

    One question – would you say the oversized sunnies have become your signature style? Like Anna Wintour

    • Blair

      I will be the first to admit I can wear some WACKY things! That is what I love about blogging and how the blogosphere has grown- you can come to my site and see some more over-the-top looks (plus color and lots of layering), but then follow someone else for wear to work inspo and another lady for great ways to dress casually and comfortable! There is now a little something for everyone out there.
      I hear you on sponsored posts- I try to keep less than 40% of all of my content sponsored and choose brands that make sense, but I am grateful for your feedback. If you have thought there are too many sponsored posts I am sure others have also had that same thought. Atlantic-Pacific is a business, but also a creative endeavor- I am always searching for the balance and don’t always get it right.
      I also love that you are from DC- I am a 703 gal myself.
      I would say wearing sunglasses has for sure become something I am known for in the blogging world. I will be honest and say I am still not 100% comfortable in front of the camera without them – they are my security blanket, but they also complete pretty much every look!
      Thank you for following and your honest, yet very polite feedback. I hope you remain a reader and always feel free to email me!
      XO BEE

  • Lauren

    So proud of all you’ve done, Blair, and love following along! You continuously inspire me to get out of my yoga pants and style it up 🙂 xoxo

    • Blair

      Ah thank you so much Lauren!
      XO BEE

  • Christiane

    Hi Blair,
    I find that getting a little more personal can be difficult and risky but just by adding this notepad series and answering readers questions is wonderful. You are the fashion blogger that has the most colorful, fun, versatile and inspiring style. I love that you also mix high end with affordable pieces and remix your wardrobe pieces to create new outfits. I am always in awe though of how you can shoot in high heels or flats without any socks during winters in nyc….brrrrr 😄. I always look forward to getting your emails with your daily looks and suggested items to buy.
    I was wondering at what time to you shoot during the day? It must be really early as we never see anyone on the street😉
    I love wearing color and am happy to see that not every fashion blogger is wearing neutrals to make it look chic.


    • Blair

      Hi- Thank you so much, and I am glad you have been loving notepad! I typically try to shoot VERY early in the AM in order to not have people in my photos. If I am doing a landmark such as the brooklyn bridge or the flatiron building I have to go around sunrise! Sometimes in more quiet areas such as the west village you can get away with shooting in the afternoon as long as you are patient! Hope that helps and thank you for following along 😉
      XO BEE

    • Liz

      I’m thinking what everyone else is thinking… how BIG is your closet!????? Love all your posts! Gorgeous, refined, sophisticated, whimsical, fresh, stunning… the list goes on! Would love to see a sneak peak of your closet and do you keep everything?

  • Rachel Howell

    Thank you so much for this post! You have become one of my greatest fashion/blogging inspirations and specifically for the reasons you listed in the post- your privacy and focus on fashion, editorial type of styling. My goal is not to gain a name in fashion as just a blogger, but as a style influencer.
    So thank you.
    Wishing you the best in your journey!

    • Blair

      Thank you so much Rachel! I love your goal- to think beyond the platform you are on (blogger, instagrammer, influencer) and try to transcend to something bigger! Best of luck to you- and thank you again for following along.
      XO BEE

  • L. Lal

    I feel like a proud momma. Literally welled up with tears! Proud to watch your journey for so long!

    • Blair

      Ahhh LAL thank you :). Thanks for being there through SO much of it! Don’t know what I would do without you.
      XO BEE

  • Molly Frances

    I have been following you since the beginning. You are a true artist! Love getting a glimpse into your life. You have inspired me to and add some color into my very navy filled wardrobe.


    • Blair

      Thank you so much Molly! XO BEE

  • Jennifer @jjslovelythings

    Absolutely loved reading this! It was a bit of a trip down memory lane as I’ve been following you for years!! I adore your style and respect your choice to focus on fashion. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Blair E.

    Hello Blair! I’ve followed your blogging journey since the early aughts and have always appreciated your very true-to-you aesthetic, from your outfits to the way you’ve kept your blog so consistent with beautiful editorial content. You’ve inspired purchases sometimes of course, but, more importantly I think, inspired me to mix it up and be a little more daring with what I already have! (A few monochrome outfits come to mind:) Im loving the new Notepad feature and this reflection on your blogging journey was really cool to read after so many years of following Atlantic-Pacific. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Christy deClairmont

    Long time follower – first time to comment. I have been a fan of your style for many years – the reason I own several tulle and midi skirts! Thank you for that!! I appreciate how you have kept true to your brand – all of the personal sharing is a bit overwhelming. However, it was fun to read about your journey. Thank you for sharing!

    • Blair

      Hi Christy,
      Thank you so much, and sorry for taking up space in your closet with all that tulle!
      XO BEE

  • Kathy

    I’ve been a huge fan for years now, following your blog since your SF days! Your impeccable style and beautiful photography is so on point and I love that you have kept true to yourself after all these years. Thank you for sharing more about yourself – you’re such an inspiration, not only because you dress well and can take pretty photos, but because of your career trajectory. Now that you’re focusing 100% on Atlantic-Pacifix, I’m even more excited to see the amazing content we’ll be able to see! Hugs!!

  • Rabbit

    This reads like a history of fashion, 2010-. It belongs in a book and was a wonderful read. I love that you take your work so seriously, and respect how you have maintained your privacy and integrity for so long. That said, I am enjoying learning more about your life and work — I have been curious for over six years!

  • Alex

    I love this post, I’ve only just began following you on Instagram, but I am obsessed with your style! I appreciate that your blog is moreso narrowly focus because no one can give great advice on every aspect of life, so I think it adds to your authenticity. Also, I can so relate to the part where you said you love both the business side of business and the creative aesthetic side of business. It would be a dream of mine to find a career that incorporates both sides of business. Thank you!!

  • Erin Jacobs

    I absolutely love this post. You are literally the first blog I ever read, and I immediately fell in love with your content. I remember the first post I saw was for the Fourth of July (circa 2012), and that very same day I recreated one of your looks with my own pieces. Thank you for staying true to yourself and being a fashion inspiration!

  • Sapna

    Pretty amazing to see how far you have come! So happy for you and your success

  • Francesca

    Congratulations on your very well deserved success!. I’ve ben following your blog since 2011, it’s been a constant source of inspiration : while I understand you wanting to keep it fashion-centric ( and this is another factor that sets you apart from the others…), I so much enjoy the recent “notepads” addition and the little snippets on other topics that you give there! To may more years of A-P! – Francesca

  • Lauleh

    I really enjoyed reading this post Blair!! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and I totally remember the parking garage photos!! I was inspired by you to start my blog in 2012. It’s crazy how much has changed in the blogging world but I truly appreciate how Atlantic-Pacific has always been fashion focused!! It’s one of the main reasons I follow your blog on a daily basis!

    • Blair

      The parking garage photos! Don’t remind me! 🙂 XO BEE

  • Christina B

    Hi Blair,

    You were one of the first bloggers I started following in the days before social media really exploded. You have always had such great style and keeping your private life private is a respectable choice. However, thanks for opening up a little and sharing some things, especially about the behind-the-scenes moments of your journey. I hope you continue to share your creativity with us as even more opportunities come to you in the future. Wishing you well,


  • Tina

    Amazing! I’ve followed you from
    The beginning. Although my fashion is sub par (mom of 3) I love looking for your posts to make me feel like I’m dressed up. When I do go out, your looks definitely inspire me!

  • sara

    Atlantic Pacific is my absolute favorite fashion blog. I love color and it’s nice to see someone else that doesn’t wear neutrals the majority of the time. I also enjoy that it really is about the fashion and not your personal life. As a 42 year old that does not social media, I find it refreshing! Keep up the beautiful photos and content. Also, you are adorable!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been following you since the beginning and you have been such an inspiration to me all these years! I feel like you are one of the only true fashion bloggers out there and I truly appreciate your unique perspective, especially since our styles are very similar. I do think it’s hard to open up personally, but I applaud you for taking that step in starting the notepad series. I also admire the fact that you juggled both blogging and a professional career for so long because I personally know how hard that it is to do. It’s been exciting to watch you grow and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!


  • Deborah

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been following you almost from the very beginning and love your style. I also get the sense (without any illusion that I know you) that you are an authentic and genuine person; somehow that comes through. I would still love the occasional outfit of the day- even if you’re just working on the blog or hanging out. Those are fun too.

  • Aurora

    Although, I appreciate other bloggers who divulge a good amount of some self-revealing content, almost like in a girl-chat over tea, I also appreciate yours, which is visually lush, quirky, and extravagant at the same time, whilst remaining somewhat mysterious and aloof. You have always had a lot to say, but expressed it visually. It’s nice to finally ‘meet’ you! I look forward to more posts. 🙂

  • Teresa Doe

    My first time commenting after all these years (7 I think!) of following you to say: it’s wonderful that you keep private and focus on fashion. I have been enjoying these new and extra FAQ/edits type content, but I find fashion blogs with lots of lifestyle and personal sharing stuff going on very noisy.

    You are by far my fav fashion blogger. Very happy to read these to get to know you a bit more, but would be just as happy without – because your style (and the beautiful photography) is the only thing that really matters.

    • Blair

      Thank you so much Teresa! XO BEE

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing this Blair!! I have definitely been a follower of yours from 2011 on! You inspired me to start my blog back in 2012 as well! I remember sitting in front of my computer at my first corporate job out of college. And every day you posted something, I would check it before anything else! I was always so excited, and then when you didn’t post anything that day I would be so sad haha! You continue to inspire me every day and keep me going with my blog. So thank you!

  • Heidi

    Hi Blair! I love that your story in fashion has been evolving – it’s been a real pleasure watching and reading your blog over the last several years. I think I first started following you way back in 2011, I was just leaving law school and I remember finding your site to be such a breath of fresh air after all the boring suits I wore to work. I can imagine how difficult it is to decide what to publish and how to maintain your privacy – so thank you for sharing with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Samantha

    I absolutely adore you! Thank you for sharing your story, I am also in merchandising and following along your fashion evolution over the past eight years has truly been so amazing and inspiring for my own everyday wardrobe!
    Keep on keeping on! Sending love from your Pacific home of San Fran!


  • Sondra

    As I look through the years of the most amazing pictures I wonder what you do with your clothes? Do you keep them all, or go through them and pick your favorites? Your clothes are so beautiful there isn’t one item I would be able to part from. What do you do?

    • Blair

      Hi Sondra, thanks for your question! I keep a lot of my clothes believe it or not! I do a seasonal closet clean out and donate many, many items to organizations here in NYC. I have also been selling some of the nicer pieces that I do not wear any longer! XO BEE

  • Ashley

    BLAIR! I have been following along ever since your very first year and oh you were so beautiful, talented, and creative then but I have seen you blossom into all of these so much more. You remain one of my very favorite bloggers today. It is absolutely one of my greatest joys in life to be following along for so many years. Please, please do not stop anytime soon! I truly love the fact that you take on a huge job in merchandising plus run the blog so beautifully. I aspire to do the same. I am writing my new blog and pursuing my career in the fashion industry as well!! You’ve inspired me with that and so much more. Thank you for this incredible post!!!

    • Blair

      Hi Ashley, thank you so much for your sweet note! I so appreciate it! XO BEE

  • Vanessa Valiente

    Fantastic story! It is delightful to read your journey! I started blogging in 2007, and unfortunately wasn’t able to put the time in to bond with other bloggers due to the demands of my career as a commercial and personal stylist. With that in mind, I don’t really know what it was like for other bloggers so to read your take on the changes I too observed is very cool. I also chose to mainly stay on my personal path and aesthetic. For me that was keeping my voice as a professional stylist, versus getting more personal and exposing my (mostly aesthetically boring) life. Anyhoo, Atlantic-Pacific is my favorite blog. In fact, it’s the only blog I follow. Thank you for sharing your unique point-of-view with the world. It is stunning.

  • Vanessa

    I love what you do, and how you create beautiful imagery. I don’t think you need to share more personal stuff, unless you want to.

    • Blair

      Thank you so much Vanessa! It won’t be getting very personal over here on Atlantic-Pacific but I will continue to try to make inspiring imagery and fun outfits!
      XO BEE

  • Colleen Welsch

    What I want to know is: what does your closet look like??? How do you keep all of your beautiful pieces organized?

    • Blair

      Hi Colleen-
      It actually is NOT very clean right now, but based on feedback I am working on a post! Stay tuned 😉
      XO BEE

  • Shana

    Love this post!! As a long time reader I find the consistency in your post themes? Topics? Not sure the blogging term but I find it refreshing! I know I can come here and see a great outfit with NYC or another fabulous travel destination in the background 🙂 thank you for inspiring this fellow jcrew lover to step out of her comfort zone 🙂 that green winter coat this year, sigh, all of the heart eyed emojis!!! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey!!

    • Blair

      Thank you Shana! Thank you for following along! XO BEE

  • Maureen

    I’m a retired local TV news anchor at 60 and my Manhattan-based daugher is 31. She turned me on to your blog years ago and I read for a mixture of inspiration today, and longing for the days when I could wear anything too.
    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s always fairies and unicorns in front of the camera and a lot of grinding hard work behind the scenes. Congrats.

    • Blair

      Thank you so much Maureen. Tell your daughter I say hello! XO BEE

  • London Ray

    Longtime follower, here – 2010! I must say – I was surprised to see you open up because you have been so private on your blog, but it is so nice to hear your voice. We’ve “seen” your voice through your creative outfits and collaborations but definitely wanted to know more about Blair. So, thank you for being so thoughtful in all that you do and opening up a little more to us.

    • Blair

      You are welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting! XO BEE

  • Ivy pierce

    Absolutely loving these more personal posts! I’ve been following you since the pre-instagram, big-bun-black-bow days, and to say you’ve inspired me would be an understatement! Thank you for always keeping your fashion a little bit out of the box, keeps the rest of us mere mortals on our toes!

    I too have always been curious to see your closet! Would love a post on that, your organization, which I’m sure is fab, etc.

    Also, I just have to ask, will you share photos of your wedding gown? Or any wedding looks? There are so many different directions I see you traveling in for THE dress, I’m dying to know what you select! (Best wishes to the bride!)


    • Blair

      My big-bun days…haha! I’m working on a closet post so stay tuned. I don’t think I will be sharing too much from my wedding…I still need to plan it! XO BEE

  • annie

    Love your style, love seeing your style in NYC!! Time to hit up queens….have you considered a shoot in front of the Unisphere at the site of the World’s Fair?

    What type of camera are you captured on?

    • Blair

      I have actually been there! It’s a pretty spot. As for the camera, I primarily use a Canon 5D Mark IV! XO BEE

  • Flora

    LOVE you BEE! Thanks for sharing with us your journey!

    • Blair

      Of course! Thank you for following along! XO BEE

  • Stefanie

    Hi Bee,

    Thank you for sharing, as a fashion professional myself I decided to leave my full time job as a Creative Director and started to focus on blogging full time. I wrote to you back in 2012 and I will always remember your kind words and advice which has driven me with my blog from this day. I did have one question that I am struggling with. It’s one thing to have great content but the problem I am having is getting people to see it. Do you recommend SEO words for writing your blog titles, I feel a little stuck.



    • Kaylyn

      Bee, I have been following your blog since I was in high school (graduated college 2 years ago so I’ve been a fan since the beginning!) and you were one of the first bloggers I followed that inspired me to be in the fashion industry! To this day, whenever someone asks me who my favorite blogger is, my answer is always you.
      I’ve admired your classic, chic, and elegant style (especially the way you color coordinate!) for years and I’m so excited that you’re starting to open up a bit more about your life beyond the lens! You have always been kind, appreciative, and thoughtful which I believe is now lost in a lot of bloggers who have been a bit too wrapped up in the social media scene. It only makes me admire you more!
      You truly are the best blogger in the world and I can’t wait to see your journey continue 🙂 All the best!

  • Mary

    I love this SO much!! It is so fun to know more about you and your journey!!!

  • Hanna Z

    Hi Blair! I have to say that I really love your content. You are my favourite blogger 🙂

    I have a question for you about the way you took your own pictures at the beginning. Did you recibe some help from anybody or did you use a tripod or something? How do you recommend to manage the subject at the beginning?

    Greetings from Costa Rica,


    • Blair

      Hi Hanna! Thanks for your question. At the beginning I was fortunate to have friends and co-workers help me take the photos! XO BEE

  • Jody Winter

    Hi from New Zealand! Lovely to hear some of the background story. Thanks for sharing. I have followed you for about five years. I actually like your clipped and concise content and that you focus only on the outfits. It is nice to get to know you a little better, though. Best wishes.

    • Blair

      Hi Jody! Thanks so much for following! XO BEE

  • MC

    You have been my inspiration since the beginning, Blair! Thanks to you, I have an obsession with midi skirts as well. And just yesterday, my partner found the Valentino Rockstud that I’ve been eyeing since I saw them in your blog in 2012. Your independence, creativity and warmth is an inspiration. Keep them coming!

  • Jessica


    I wanted to thank you for sharing, I always appreciate hearing people’s stories. Your sense of style is impeccable, and has emboldened me as far being more cohesive and daring in my own day to day wardrobe. Especially since my lifestyle is decidedly a hard casual. So a very big kudos to you and your blog.


  • Lara

    You are my favourite bogger, my inspiration!!!
    Te adoro Blair!
    Besos desde España!

  • Taite

    Thank you for sharing. I am a year out into my own blogging journey and looking to take it to the next level. Thank you for showing us that we all have to feel our way out in this world (fashion industry/blogging). I have followed you since the beginning — I was 10 or 11 years old, now I am almost 18. It was crazy to look back at your looks from each year and remember most of them. It was a happy walk down memory lane. Thank you for sharing your journey with blogging and fashion.

  • Cara

    I have a full length black gown with a low V in the front, what type of jewelry would you suggest?
    I also have long blonde hair; wear up or down?
    Can I wear pins and decorative Bobby pins to a formal affair?

  • Sabina Defta

    I have recently came across your blog and just fall in love with it! A lot of people tell me to start my own blog, since I have a lot to share by raising three kids, working, travelling and etc. However, I am struggling so much to get organized with all of this, plus the new role at work, which also needs my full attention. Would love to get an advice from
    you…maybe by looking at my instagram content?! Thank you and lots of admiration!!!

  • Jenaae | Hello Bombshell

    Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  • Lukman

    This post might’ve been months away.
    But coming across this is a great inspiration, as I just started blogging, fashion and style niche to be precise. And now I’m so inconsistent and unmotivated but reading through this made me realised the big names too had their time.
    Thank you!

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