pink rain outfit


Looks like quite the storm is heading to NYC. I’m dipping into the archives to showcase one of my all time favorite rain looks – from November of last year. I also love this sophisticated look as well as this fun, nautical inspired one!

Question: How often do you clean out your closet and what is your method?

Answer: I already answered a bit about this here, but today I can speak a bit more about specifics as well as my thought process. I typically clean out my closet every month. I find that waiting until the end of the season is simply far too overwhelming. Each month I carve out a few hours to weed through my closet and determine what will stay and what will go. I also make a point to go through my accessories, sunglasses, bags, hats (yes I have quite a few), and beauty products – these tend to get overlooked in closet clean outs and can pile up! I typically will get rid of anything that is damaged (stains, rips that can’t be repaired, etc.), ill-fitting or too small, or are incredibly uncomfortable (this is where most of my shoes that don’t make the cut fall). I also consider items that I haven’t worn in months and are not seasonally appropriate, items that are note an occasion piece, and more subjective pieces that I feel are too trendy or no longer my style. I do have one major exception to all of this. If it is a piece that I have adored for years, or has very high sentimental value for me, I will ‘archive it’ and save it forever. I have loved fashion and clothing for as long as I an remember and certain pieces are simply too hard to part with, so I keep them with hopes that these particular styles will come back around. Or, perhaps in 25 years or so, someone close to me (who will be much younger and cooler) can love them a second time around. Once I determine what goes, I will either sell to The Real Real (more high end, luxury items) or Crossroads, or donate to a women’s shelter or goodwill. While I am fortunate to have quite a large closet, I know that it is always easier to find the right pieces to get dressed when the selection has been thinned out and I am only searching through the items I will actually wear!

** Many of you have asked about closet organization, a closet tour, etc. I am currently working on something so please hang tight!

loeffler randall wallet


The cutest novelty wallet I ever did see! Loving the color and the rickrack trim. It is also available in a larger size as well.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

  • Ildi HD

    Do you ever find that you get rid of a piece of clothing and not much later you find that that would have been the perfect item to wear with your outfit of the day? Happens to me all the time!
    PS: OMG Yes for closet tour, please!

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