I love a great nautical prep look and nothing screams Americana more than boat shoes, a simple stripe, and a patriotic color palette. This post is from a sailing trip last summer!

Question: Do you have any tips or tricks to help a cover letter stand out? I am applying to a fashion company I love, but I unfortunately do not have any internal references or contacts so I am afraid my resume will get lost.

Answer: Well first let me say that in knowing to write a cover letter you are already ahead of the game. Even if you have an internal reference, cover letters can be the easiest way to stand out in the application process. Some of the best cover letters I have read have these three components: they show a true love for the brand, a real desire to obtain the position for which they are applying (and a hope to stay with the company long term), and lastly, a bit of personality. Each industry certainly differs, but when working in corporate fashion, in order to excel, you need to have a solid understanding for the brand and market, but also an emotional connection to the product. The best candidates show this enthusiasm with a desire to learn and grow with the company. As hiring and training is a real investment for a company, candidates who have long term goals that align with the growth and structure of the bran are always the most valuable. A resume can obviously show your previous positions and accomplishments, but a cover letter should shed a little more light on who you are as a person, what is important to you, and what drives you. In the creative industry I think it is crucial to show your personality, while of course remaining professional.

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Speaking of stripes, how chic is this multi colored stripe sweater? I love the hits of lurex throughout!

P.S. this sweater is included in the Shopbop sale!

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” – Malcolm S. Forbes

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