Outside of wanting to see pictures of me without sunglasses on, or hoping for more details surrounding my wedding, my most asked questions always center around photography. As a follow up to the post about my favorite photography locations in the city (you can see that here), today I am highlighting a few of the most instagram worthy cafes in NYC! I never have an issue with sharing popular shooting locations, let alone my favorite hidden spots. I will continue to add to this post as I find more instagrammable cafes around the city – and will be sure to update you when I do. If you have any favorites of your own, please let me know in the comments section below. The more the merrier!

instagram worthy cafes in nycINSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCINSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYC Caffé Dante may just be my all-time favorite café in NYC. I’ve taken tons of shots sitting on the cute white woven chairs out front (see here and here for a few). Dante manages to have a great neighborhood vibe despite being just a few blocks from all the action in SoHo. I am usually here for breakfast, but the lunch and dinner menus are both fantastic as well – don’t miss the world class cocktails at the bar. Fun fact, Dante opened a sister restaurant in Little Italy called Dante at GENUINE!
Café Standard at The Standard East is always bustling with activity. The colorful wire chairs, red table tops, and intricate tile floor are great for close-up detail shots! The pink napkins and classic cafe menu are nice touches as well. During warmer weather, the café expands into a plaza right on the Bowery and is perfect for people watching.
INSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYC Once Upon A Tart is also an Atlantic-Pacific all star, having appeared in numerous posts (see here for example) over the years. This adorable café and bakery on Sullivan street in SoHo has the cutest muted green benches, chairs, and accent tables outside, making for great sitting or walking shots. Inside, the almond croissants and walnut and jam scones aren’t too bad either. Vesuvio Bakery, right around the corner, has a similar green facade – and famous chocolate chip cookies!
Okay, okay, Island Oyster isn’t really a café so to speak, but it’s too picturesque to keep off of this list. After a short ferry ride over to Governors Island from the Battery Maritime Building, you’ll arrive at this tropically inspired waterfront oyster bar. The scale and colors of the space are dramatic, overwhelming, and totally amazing. This place was built for photography – check out their IG page here or a recent post of mine here, and you will see what I mean!
INSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCSweet Moment NYC on Mott Street in Little Italy is a must see café for all of you with a sweet tooth. Their artistic specialty drinks are too cute, and make the perfect companion to any finger or wrist jewelry you may want to show off in a shot! Pictured above are the creamart matcha drink and the creamart red velvet drink – both can be made with either black milk tea or cold brewed coffee.
INSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCINSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCINSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCCafe Colette is a staple in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This corner café is stunning inside and out. There is so much to shoot here from the striped exterior, outdoor café tables, gorgeous bar, and beautiful back garden. But, the adorable takeaway coffee window has to be my favorite little spot! See a few recent posts of mine featuring Cafe Colette here and here.
INSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCBakeri has a few locations in NYC, but my favorite has to be the Williamsburg outpost. This romantic café has a pretty outdoor patio and a green wall that is covered in vines, making the perfect backdrop for sitting shots! P.S. – The grapefruit avocado salad is my go-to order. I always seem to wear dresses when I visit!
It doesn’t get much more iconic than the Sant Ambroeus café on Lafayette. The vibrant atmosphere is matched with an art deco interior and fun melon colored awning outside. The West Village outpost is equally chic, and the newly opened Palm Beach location at the Royal Poinciana Plaza is too cute for words. Here are a few fun shots of me there a few weeks after it opened! Okay, back to NYC…
INSTAGRAM WORTHY CAFES IN NYCHarvey, at The Williamsburg Hotel, has recently opened and is already one of the most instagram worthy cafes in NYC! It is simply a great spot for interior pictures. The focal point of the café is the central bar which features an impressive rainbow instillation above. Amazing to match back to all of your favorite colorful outfits this summer!

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