Back in April I had so much fun rounding up my favorite NYC shooting locations, that I followed it up in May with another post featuring some of the most instagram worthy cafés in the city. Now it’s June, and in anticipation of my next Parisian adventure, I thought I would share my most instagrammable locations in Paris! Pretty much every corner and café is a photo opportunity in this magical city, so you don’t really need to plan, but just in case, below are some of my all-time favorite spots! Also, if you would like to see all of my Paris outfit pictures in one place, I created a brand new ‘Paris Shots’ board on Pinterest that you may be interested in checking out! As always, simply click any photo below to see the original post.
instagrammable locations in parisFirst things first, the Eiffel Tower! Without a doubt one of the most instagrammable locations in Paris. While many people opt to shoot the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero Gardens, Avenue de Camoens, just steps away, provides a bit more of an interesting backdrop! In fact, I’ve shot here twice. The first, a black and white Zimmermann look back in 2016, and the second, the floral coat moment in the picture above!
PARIS INSTAGRAM LOCATIONSPARIS INSTAGRAM LOCATIONSCute cafés seem to be on just about every corner in Paris, but I would have to say Le Bonaparte, located in Saint Germain, is my favorite. The graphic awning, colorful chairs, and corner location all make for the perfect people watching as well as an amazing backdrop for photos. Plus, it is just a short walk over the Seine from the Louvre.
instagrammable locations in parisJardin du Palais Royal is absolutely stunning all year round. Lush in the spring and summer, and bursting with color in the fall, this park is a must see. The pretty tree lined walkways make for dramatic photo opportunities and it is located directly next to Les Deux Plateaux (seen below left).
Best Parisian Photo Locations Looking for the iconic black and white columns in Paris? Les Deux Plateux has to be one of the most instagrammed spots in the city, and for good reason! It is a stripe lovers dream backdrop. This is a spot that can become unbelievably crowded. In order to really ‘get the shot’ you should plan to arrive right when it opens! If you are looking for another graphic location, The Galerie Véro-Dodat is ideal and just a few short blocks away. One of the district’s rare covered arcades, the black and white diamond-shaped marble pavings and engraved ceilings omit Parisian charm! And, Café Blanc, another cute corner café, is right next door!
PARIS INSTAGRAM LOCATIONSCordonnerie located in the Le Marais, is an adorbale, quaint café. While it isn’t very large, the rustic blue facade makes for a great outside shot. You can get lost in the surrounding streets for hours. The famous store Merci is right around the corner, and popular eating spots like BigLove Caffé and Le Mary Celeste (my fave) are right nearby.
Best Parisian Photo Locations Best Parisian Photo Locations Probably one of the most unique looking, and certainly most colorful restaurants in Paris, Au Vieux Paris, is located on Rue Chanoinesse in Île de la Cité, right in the shadows of Notre Dame. I have actually not seen it in spring when it is covered in purple wisteria, but hopefully will someday soon!
instagrammable locations in parisJardin de Tuileries is such an obvious choice! Complete with fountains, beautiful greenery, and its iconic green chairs, it is the perfect spot to get in a quick snap!
PARIS INSTAGRAM LOCATIONSAu Rocher De Cancale provides the perfect charming blue backdrop! It is located right on the bustling Rue Montorgueil in Les Halles, and be aware, this local market street can be very busy. For pictures, it’s best to arrive when the market is not running. Stohrer, also on Rue Montorgueil is the oldest patisserie in Paris!
instagrammable locations in parisSézane is one of my favorite brands. They do everything with perfection from the attention to details of the pieces, the incredible quality, amazing website, and last but not least, beautiful store environments. The ‘apartment’ store in Paris is just that, a store you want to live in. The spectacular space includes stunning tiled floors, a mini movie theater, photo booth and of course, all of the swoon-worthy apparel, shoes and handbags! Not to be missed is this neighborhood is the bar at The Hoxton and dinner at Bambou!PARIS INSTAGRAM LOCATIONSThe Picasso National Museum is one of my favorite museums in Paris and is architecturally stunning. The back of the Museum in particular features a beautiful rose garden where you will want to spend all afternoon taking photos!

Best Parisian Photo Locations Another favorite museum in the city is the Musée d’Orsay. The museum houses permanent collections from some of my favorite artists including Edgar Degas and Vincent van Gogh. The ‘instagram shot’ in this space is incredible. The large clock atop this former railway station provides a dramatic backdrop and creates a silhouette image you’ll save forever!

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