Today we woke up to some much needed rain here in NYC. I am throwing it back to this rainy day outfit, a classic combo of pink Converse, denim overalls, and stripes!

Question: Where on earth do you store all your clothing, shoes, and accessories? I also live in NYC and have so little space. Do you have a storage unit?

Answer: When I was living in the West Village I felt like I was drowning in my things. When I was looking to move, I specifically wanted a two bedroom so I could use one room as a closet/office. The apartment I live in now allows me to fit everything neatly into one back bedroom and close the door if I don’t want to see all my lovely rolling racks and shoe boxes! I choose not use a storage unit because I am very much an ‘out of sight out of mind’ type of person. I much prefer to clean out my closet and sell/donate items versus paying for additional space that I know I won’t access very often. As I mentioned in a post earlier, I am also getting into the habit of borrowing more samples, especially occasion dresses, so I am not accumulating things I don’t truly need. If I ever get around to organizing my closet a bit better, I will put together a little tour!


Usually I am not a cropped sweater lover, but I fell in love with this pink/rust color combo!

“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem to be more afraid of life than death.” – James F. Byrnes

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  • Brooke

    How do ever decide what to actually buy, there is so much amazing clothing shoes and accessories out there? Do you fill your cart and then edit it down? Do you just browse websites or do you search for certain types of items or styles?

    • Blair

      Great question! It’s a combination of everything and really depends on my mood and needs! Most of the time I have something in mind, but I’m also not afraid to browse and get inspired! XO BEE

  • Liliana

    YAY! A tour would be nice!!! ♥♥♥

  • Mallory

    I’ve followed you for years and the one thing I’ve always been dying to see is a closet tour! I really hope you find the time to do one soon!

    • Blair

      I’ve got a little work to do! Right now, it’s not the prettiest room – just rolling racks and industrial shelving with shoe boxes, etc.! I need to clean it up a bit before any type of presentation! XO BEE