Each season, I will switch up my beauty routine ever so slightly. I still stick to my tried and true face lotion and serum, as well as many of my other timeless products, but I’ll look for new items and seasonal items to add into my daily routine. Below are a few of my top summer beauty picks – the new-to-me products that I am loving this season…

tan lux beauty product summersummer beauty picks and products

one // I have used Dr. Dennis Gross glow pads for years, and based on glowing reviews (no pun intended), was curious to try these tan-luxe products. I add just a drop or two to my body lotion and face serum and have seen awesome results. I will admit that the first time I used the face drops, I put about five drops directly on my face, and ended up with a not-so-chic Magda from There’s Something About Mary complexion. So, my advice if you are using these, or any self tanner for the first time, is to take it easy! It’s not a bad idea to try it daily on a small piece of skin (that is not visible) just to see how your skin takes the product. Also, quick tip, self tanners always work best after exfoliation or dry brushing, and they lasts longest if you keep up with daily moisturizing.

two // Earlier this year I started using Moroccanoil Color Complete products and have loved the results. You can read a bit more about them here! Overall, they have helped to keep my hair healthier and my color more vibrant. Oftentimes, I have a fairly hectic travel schedule, and it is nice knowing that I can also go a bit longer between color appointments when needed!

summer beauty picks and productssummer beauty picks and products

three // I have a few different scents that I love to wear – like this one and this one – but when summer rolls around I’m always looking for a lighter, more refreshing option. This new Jo Malone perfume has been one of my favorite summer beauty picks of the season! It is packed with citrus notes and something about it just reminds me of sitting on the beach!

four // Nail polish has always been one of my favorite beauty products, and each season I add at least four or five new shades to my cabinet. This season’s pick is Essies ‘Avant-Garment’ (coming in stock soon!). It is part of their gel couture 2-step collection, which has been created for long lasting wear. Even if you are not a fan of yellow you should check out the other colors in the line. It has been one of the polishes of mine that lasts and lasts!

summer beauty picks and productssummer beauty picks and products
five // Nars knows how to make a great highlighter, and I recently tried out – and loved – ‘Fort De France‘. I still love my Charlotte Tillbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ but as I get more tan in the summer months, I don’t need as much of the darker sculpting powder, and prefer a more simple highlighter! And, if you are looking for a highlighter/primer that totally RULES, this one is the best on the market.

six // When I am looking for some extra hydrating serum, I have started turning to this product. It is anti-aging (I could use all the anti-aging things right now) and I apply it in the morning before putting on my face lotion, and at night before bed. I love the smooth texture and have noticed such a huge difference in my skin! I have always had skin that is on the drier side of the spectrum and am constantly hunting for products that boost hydration.
summer beauty picks and productssummer beauty picks and products

seven // Recently, I decided to switch to natural deodorant and am never going back. I use Megababe Rosy Pits, and as you may have guessed by the name, it smells just like roses. Heavenly! The application is completely clear, and while I do have to reapply once during the day, it is totally worth it in order to cut out the harmful toxins from traditional deodorants!

eight // Unpopular thought I know, but I typically hate face masks. I don’t mind the ones that don’t require rinsing off, such as this one, but most are just too cumbersome. This mask however, as strange as it may sound, is really fun to use – and works! It is a pink color, with a marshmallow-like texture, and feels cool when applied. It is so much easier to rinse off compared to the charcoal masks that I have. Maybe I am just a marketers dream come true (sucker alert), but this mask is one I have been using over and over again. In fact, I am already on my third tub!

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  • Marjorie

    All these products look stunning for summer. Love this nail polish!

    • Blair

      Thank you! I’ve been wearing the yellow quite a bit! XO BEE

  • Mireia

    All these products look amazing!

    Mireia from TGL

  • abi

    I love Jo malone’s perfume, i feel like every woman has one scent that’s her favourite from Jo!

    Abigail Alice x

    • Blair

      It’s so good! XO BEE

  • Amy

    I can vouch for the new Jo Malone scent, it’s so lovely!

  • Tabitha

    Great post! The pink mask sounds amazing, especially with a fluffy texture. I agree that face masks are such drabs to use, but I need to check out yours.


    • Blair

      It truly is great! XO BEE

  • BeingIsabella

    Moroccan Oil is one of my favorite brands. Not only do their products smell amazing, which is always a benefit, but they are super nourishing and leave my hair feeling extra healthy and refreshed. Jo Malone is another brand I love but I haven’t tried any of their new summer fragrances yet. I popped in the store last Friday and feel in love with the scent you mentioned so you’re starting to convince me to purchase it. One thing that really draws me to it is that the packaging is different from their usual, clear, glass bottles. It’s a nice change 😀

    • Blair

      I totally agree, I love the updated bottle! XO BEE

  • Mary-Katherine

    I recently sampled that Jo Malone scent in the store and had to go back for it ASAP – it is HEAVENLY! And the first day I wore it to work, my boss went and bought it on her lunch break because she was obsessing over how good I smelled ha!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    • Blair

      Good taste all around! XO BEE

  • Laura Mitbrodt

    I want to try that mega babe

  • Anna

    Obsessed with your thumb ring!

    Possible to ask where it is from?

    Thank you xx

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