A look back to last September and these dreamy heels. I just got the stitches in my foot out so should be back to wearing fun sky high heels in no time!

Question: What is your workout routine?

Answer: I really enjoy running so I try to do that at least 2-3 times per week. I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon back when I lived in San Francisco and am thinking about running another one soon. To be honest, I don’t really love lifting weights, doing any sort of core exercises, or taking part in organized classes. That being said, I know that I need to add more variety to my workouts so I have started using free weights a bit more – and doing core. I most likely won’t ever seek out classes as I feel a bit intimidated and uncoordinated. Katie Sturino is probably the only one who could change my mind – I have been wanting to join her in a BabeBody class for some time, it looks like so much fun! Overall though, I try to approach working out as a treat and not a chore.


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“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill

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  • Dunja Lisjak

    Our slovenian designer Ada them all

  • Alessandra

    Muito interessante este artigo e informacoes. Eu recomendo.

  • Rach

    Love to hear that you love to runner! I used to run marathons too. Hopefully you can do another one soon!

  • Briana

    I want to run a marathon one day!


  • Kaelen Van Cura

    I used to run all the time, but these days I usually do high intensity interval training and free weights. Classes are fun – you should try them sometime – there’s usually people at a variety of fitness and coordination levels so don’t let your worries deter you. 🙂 Also, those shoes are to die for.

    xoKaelen |

  • Ivana Split

    love your tip about approaching work out as a treat not as a chore babe!
    Whatever you are doing, you’re doing it right, you look great.
    I’m not the great fan of running but it is such a great way to stay in shape.