A throw back to an all-time favorite rain post from just a few months ago! I started my blog while living in San Francisco, so rain attire has always been a part of this site. And believe it or not, it is one of my favorite types of weather to dress for! I still remember getting my first pair of red Hunter boots and how much I adored them – and still do!

Question: What are you favorite outdoor places in NYC to grab a cocktail?

Answer: That is a great question! When the weather gets nice finding outdoor spaces in NYC to eat and drink can be tricky. The rooftop at the MET is an amazing place to grab a cocktail or even just get a great view of the city. The only downside (unless it has changed since last year) is there is not a lot of seating, so you will need to stand! The newly opened DUMBO House (operated and owned by SoHo House) has arguably the best outdoor space in the city right now. Sweeping views, great seating, and an incredible vibe – but you do have to be a member or a guest of one! Gallow Green is another spot I would highly recommend. Unlike may of the other rooftop bar/dining options, it is covered in greenery, making you feel as though you have completely escaped the city!


One of my fave gingham outerwear pieces from Joules is now on sale – and under $100!

“Find patience or it will never find you.” – Mike Dolan



A short but sweet Sunday post from way back in 2014. This striped skirt still hangs in my closet and is perfect with a simple tee and sneakers on weekends!

Question: Do you think NYC will be your home forever?

Answer: I get asked this a lot, not just by readers but also friends, fellow bloggers, etc. The truth is that I don’t know. NYC can be the best of places and the worst of places. Simply put NYC is just A LOT to deal with. I am not sure I could sustain decades upon decades in this city, physically or mentally. I also say never say never. I already feel the urge to slow down a bit, hence the move to Brooklyn, so maybe in the next few years it will be another move to somewhere I can really slow down. One of the hardest parts for me about taking the leap is there isn’t a place I have in mind, or maybe I just haven’t found it yet! The next few years, just like the past few, will surely bring more and more change I am excited to see where it all leads.


Sporty meets femme! I’m loving these mesh, bowed kitten heels!

“It isn’t always a change of scenery needed to make life better. Sometimes it simply requires opening your eyes.” – Richelle E. Goodrich



Exhibit A for the Q&A question below…

Question: What trend do you regret trying? What would you NEVER wear?

Answer: I always say that fashion mistakes help you to better understand yourself and learn what you don’t like! When I look back at my style over the course of Atlantic-Pacific, I cringe a bit at a few things. One, how hard I went at the gladiator trend (oops), and two, the various times (while living in S.F.) that I tried to venture into boho/edgy looks that just weren’t right for me. But, experimenting helped me to figure out my true style, so I guess the mistakes aren’t completely regrettable ;). What I will NEVER wear? Never say never. At one point I thought that I would never wear overalls, never, ever do wide legs, and would never wear a block heel. I ate my words on all of those. I am open to anything, because as trends and times change, so does my ability to accept newness. Truth be told, I hate fashion rules, ‘rating people’ on the red carpet, etc. Fashion is meant to be experimental and creative and therefore is totally subjective. When someone’s style is not reflective of what I want to wear, I still appreciate it for what it is, which is their own unique point of view. Being able to look outside of yourself, and your comfort zone, is critical in life, not just in fashion.


This highlighting primer is currently my favorite beauty product!

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” –  Mary Tyler Moore