Excited to be heading down to Florida tomorrow for a weekend with my Mom! I can’t wait to walk on the beach and see the dogs! The end of August and all of September will be busy, busy, busy, so I’m looking forward to a short break! This sparkle look was shot down in Florida in December 2016.

Question: Which fashion weeks are you attending this season?

Answer: I will be attending a few special events in NYC in early September as part of fashion week, but I do not have plans to travel to Europe to attend shows in London or Milan. Instead, I have a few other travel plans in the Northeast for the back half of the month!


Head over heels in love with this new lilac shoulder bag from THE VOLON. I have SO. MANY. IDEAS. on how to style this with new fall looks!

“It’s not the beauty of building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allan Coe



Yet another image of my favorite colorful sweater of all-time! This one is from back in February of 2016.

Question: What colors don’t you wear?

Answer: Wow, tough question! As a lover of color, I typically wear nearly ALL colors. If pressed, I would say that I find bright, royal purple and some neon shades to not be that interesting to me. Now, while I say that, things change, and I never say never. I always like to stay open as far as my wardrobe is concerned!

lilac sweater


Speaking of color, I’m all in on lilac for fall, and I love this quirky sweater. And, check out a new pre-fall lilac look of mine on the blog today!

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” – Stanley Horowitz



This floral dress continues to be one of my favorite purchases of 2018. I have worn it again and again!

Question: Do you ever re-wear your outfits?

Answer: I am re-wearing outfits All. The. Time. In fact, I have a few go-to pieces that are at the top of my list when I am looking to put together something comfortable. Lately, this dress and this dress have been two of my most re-worn. They are both just so easy to throw on, and look great back to flats. This past fall/winter this pink suit, this polka dot combo, and this preppy look were my typical ‘I can’t think about what I am going to wear’ outfits. And finally, this ruffled stripe look from well over a year ago is probably my most re-worn outfit all time. Despite the fact it appears quite complicated, it is actually very easy to wear and surprisingly comfortable. In fact, I just reimagined these pieces and put together a new look for an event last night!

asos dress


Contemplating this gorgeous dress for an upcoming Labor Day weekend wedding!

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald